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Through knowledgeable service and experience, Beth Goddard with Billing Matters will handle all of your private medical and financial information with the utmost confidentiality, care, efficiency and professionalism.



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Billing Matters assists families with all services involving private insurance billing and claims, including in-network or out-of-network doctors and facilities, Medi-Cal, Golden Gate Regional Center, San Andreas Regional Center, Public Partnerships, IHSS and more.



I received my payments more quickly and with less frustration than I would doing all of my billing myself. And Beth is always there when I need her help.
— Judy McCrary Koeppen, Sage Therapy – Speech, Occupational and Feeding Therapies
Beth is so easy to work with; she’s completely thorough and trustworthy. She’s focused and self-directed, and I know if I give her a task, she will take it from start to finish. She helps our family stay on track.
— Jennifer Myers, Parent and Advocate
Beth at Billing Matters has saved me so much money! She speaks the language of the insurance companies and understands all the ins and outs of the system. Because of her, I was able to reduce my out of pocket spending for my son’s medical services! It’s great to have Billing Matters on my side when it comes to navigating the complex world of insurance! Thank you Beth!
— Andi Dehne, Mom of 2 and Teacher